Hello world!

I shall grace the first post with good news…

Come 25th July I shall be making my way to Vancouver & possibly London for a short holiday with my significant other… I shall be back by early August, so take heart, my dear friends. I shall be back before you know it and continue typing away again.

I have been truly blessed in ways I can’t explain; I wonder if it only means I choose to look at the good in every situation, including the bad. It has helped me cope and made me see the light in many things, and I shall continue to be grateful for everything in my life, including (in no order of preference!) my family, Joey (the mister I adore & can’t resist), all my very close friends & the fact that I am who I am.

I hope whatever I reflect on from now will not be taken as frivolous banter, but mere reflection as i find inspiration from within. I do not hope to be a sage of any kind to anyone. I just want my life to be witnessed and my opinions on Life itself heard.


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. woo hoo!!! go amelie!!! i totally agree with u despite being singaporean. it’s totally annoying how our singaporean culture is so stifling! i’m dying! even more so when they’re lumping me in that stereotypical category and when i’m not entirely like that. i mean hey perhaps travelling does open your mind then again maybe it’s upbringing too. anyways, i say heck yeah…genuinely take interest in ppl already! locals and to tourists/foreigners alike 🙂

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