Things that are grand

That includes my Grandma. My father’s mom, to be exact. People say I look like her. I think the truth is, I am more similar to her than anyone else in my family. My butt looks like hers, according to my mom and sisters. We both like sweet stuff. We both like to arrange things for family get togethers (but without consulting anyone else lol). We don’t really fret about nitty gritty things. We’re impatient. We like to eat out together to sample fine cuisine. We are generous to deserving people. We’re both really blessed. =)

My Grandma dotes on me a lot because I can understand why she is the way she is right now. We both believe in hedonism when it doesn’t hurt anyone. My dad doesn’t understand why she plays mahjong everyday and doesn’t save up. For what? I agree with her. Her kids can fend for themselves cuz they all pretty much are settled. She’s been a widow for more than 10 years, that’s why she needs company everyday; she’s afraid of being alone. She loves pampering herself. Her kids are filial and give her allowance every month, more than what she needs. If I were her, I’d do the same thing too — go on holidays with friends, eat, drink and be merry. The difference is, I probably wouldn’t play mahjong everyday. I’d go shopping to keep fit. Purrfect way to burn calories and money. Hahahaha.
Honestly, sometimes I am awed by the realisation that I am from this family that I am from. My parents are ordinary people in the common sense. But I’m always glad about the fact that they’re grounded in their principle, yet open minded enough to be adaptable to paradigm shifts in my generation. I’m so glad my Grandma and my parents aren’t the typical stubborn traditionalists who offer no room for negotiation. I’m glad I can gossip with my mom AND my grandma about anything and everything. I’m glad I can be honest with my sisters about personal things. Really, I don’t know if other families are this closely knitted as us. Again I feel grateful about it.

I just hope I’ll have an equally close family of my own someday. 🙂


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