LOTR in theatre?!

Yay, got the tickets for tuesday evening show for Lord of the Rings played at Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto!!! We got good seats, and so it better be good.. Apparently they’re going to squeeze the whole trilogy into the play… I have no idea if it’s going to be as good as they hype it up to be.. We shall see.. 🙂

Anyways, I’ve been eating out a lot.. Joey brought me to this Mexican restaurant on the street behind his place, and we ate Indian food (again…we ALWAYS eat that in Singapore!! But the Shrimp Vindaloo was sizzling.. I asked for extra spicy, and OMG it burnt my tongue, but all the better!! It made me cry with “tears of joy”..lol) with Anthony (Joey’s Italian personal trainer-nutritionist bud) and Nish (Joey’s school mate from college who owns a sporty-looking Acura and drives like a pro) yesterday for dinner… I swear, there are so many amazing restaurants in downtown Toronto, everybody will love this place just for them. You can find just about ANY kind of cuisine from Italian to Greek to Indian to Chinese to Japanese to American & even vegan (LOVE their juice bars here) and they serve it so well.. Gluttons hands up! *scrambles to pull my own hand down*
Hmmmm I wonder what’s for lunch…??? lol.

Anyways I went for this yoga class yesterday with Anthony at The Yoga Studio along Eglinton Ave. The instructor Steve (forgot his guru-given name) was teaching us how to incorporate yoga practices into your life. Some are rather weird.. Like, he says you should step on your right foot first when you get out from bed every morning, and after you brush your teeth use your fingers to massage the root of your tongue (the area near your tonsils) with a left-right and in-out motion so that you can clear your senses to better interact with your awareness etc… It’s really good, cuz he also taught us how to relax your body and wake up your consciousness to begin each day.. Makes me wanta pick up pilates again because many of the poses are borrowed from yoga but main difference that sets pilates apart is that it emphasizes on your core (which means better abs!!).. Shall check up on what’s happening at Amore when i’m back in Singapore.

Ack. Forgot the time.. I’m supposed to be going to be gym to *groan* work out with Anthony in about 20mins’ time… Shall update again soon.. Most probs after LOTR.. 😀


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