Canadian Banter

After being here again less as a tourist (since I’m no longer taking the city bus tours & I’ve learnt a bit of their lingo so I no longer embarrass myself…haha) both in Vancouver and Toronto, I think Singaporeans, in comparison, have a really really good life! Why?

– In Canada, GST is about 14%; price tags don’t include that, so everytime you buy something, even a bottle of water, you gotta calculate in your head the estimated total.

– Cab fares here start at CAD2.70 and each kilometre is charged CAD1.50! Plus you gotta tip the cabby. That’s an insanely high number even when compared to the recently hiked price of Singaporean cabs’ SGD2.50 flag-down price and a mere 10 cents for every kilometre. Plus, the oil price to cab fare ratio in Canada is so low, the cabby earns even more. For Singaporean cabbies, they got it really really bad.
Plus they seldom get tipped (and we all heard about difficult passengers who fuss over 50 cents change or an extra dollar’s difference from what they normally pay). No wonder there’s bad service. Underpaid drivers tend to get grumpy. I totally understand why now.

-In Singapore, you get MANUAL car wash at SGD6. And tipping isn’t even compulsory. In most countries in the west actually, they only get the “touchless car wash” that charge 10 bucks approximately. Where else can you get TLC for your car at such an absurdly low price other than Singapore? lol.

On the bright side, I’m going to watch a game of Canadian football this friday evening!
PS: LOTR was surprisingly impressive. Wasn’t a waste afterall. Plus Joey got an authentic replica of the Ring & I got a hobbit bag! Pity we can’t stay long enough to catch Monthy Python and The Holy Grail though. Heard it’s hilarious. Oh well. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. :p


5 thoughts on “Canadian Banter

  1. evonn — my cab fare from the airport to woodlands was about 21 bucks..i think that’s still reasonable.. haha.. but you know, maybe I’d start whining too if I have to take a cab during peak hours.. All that traffic and extra charges…I may as well take the MRT! lol.

    Infidel — Yes, continue to whine. Whining is good for Singaporeans. They need to whine in style. And shut up, you horrible little Jaja Being. I bought a Stewie utterances pocket device. Soon you’ll be hearing stuff like “Who the hell do you think you are?” from nowhere when you start to irritate hobbits again.

  2. yar i agree! $2 of extra charges, that’s why i’ve made an effort not to stay in bed too long after i’ve gotten up. =) $21 is a lot to me, i guess it’s because of that $5 charge from the airport right? @#$%^&* there’s a straight bus to woodlands though. haha! anyway hope you had lotsa fun!

  3. Well, airport charge is 3 bucks actually. 21 bucks is quite a lot to me too.. can buy me a good meal. Oh well. At least I don’t have to drag 4 big bags with me. lol. That’s one huge paper bag, one DFS shopping bag (with a bottle of red wine and a bottle of Bailey’s), my luggage bag which weighs like there’s a dead body inside, and my handbag. lol.

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