After about 11 days in Maple Land, I’m back. Was tearing a bit while on the plane at Vancouver airport cuz I’m gonna miss my baby so bad. We had an argument just hours before I left about this stupid henna weed tatt I was gonna get for the heck of it but obviously the idea didn’t go too well with him cuz of what it implied. We ended up having a cold war for about 2 hours throughout dinner. Sometimes I wish we had this telepathic power to empathize each other’s emtions without having to talk about it. I wish more however, that Vancouver’s just next door. The ring’s on my finger, ain’t nobody hitting on me, better not. I’m taken in totality. And yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

And my God that was such a tiring 17 hours approx on Cathay Pacific.. The flight from Vancouver to Hongkong was delayed by 2 hrs and lasted about 13hours, & i was in between this rather nice Fillipino lady and this other Canadian chinese lady who kept leaning over when she slept. Bugger. At least the food was pretty alright..

Was hoping I’d have time to shop around at Hong Kong during my transit but due to typhoons my first flight was delayed and I ended up with only a half an hour stopover. Barely enough for a wee and then off I went to board the flight back to sg. Sigh.

Oh well. I’m back in one piece and that’s good. No lost luggage or anything like that. Oh just a piece of trivium — They use depleted uranium to balance the aircraft’s weight on commerical airplanes, so everytime you fly, chug down tons of vitamin C, it’s gonna help a bit. I’m tired because i didn’t sleep much, but otherwise my nose didn’t feel stuffy like it usually does on planes and my skin was doing ok, considering I didn’t use facial wash at all until I reached home. Hmm. Vitamin C. Don’t do without it.

2 thoughts on “Touchdown

  1. where’s maple land? so interesting, it reminds me of maplestory =X i sure hope you 2 are doing fine now =) but perhaps argument means communication, and friction of course. it’s good to have a small one once in a while. hope it’ll make the r/s even better. 😉 take care lots!

  2. Maple Land is Canada…lol.. it’s on their flag, dearie.. due to the fact that maple trees are aplenty there. 🙂
    well yea, quarrels are good in a reverse psychology way. thanks for dropping by!

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