First day of school, again.

After missing one week of my academic term for the month of august, I stepped into what I’d be calling School for the next 12 months.

Hospitality Management Diploma awarded by the American Hotel & Lodging Assoc. Anyone interested? It’s a 12 month cyclic course, you can join in any month you like. After you graduate from this, you can choose to further your studies & have an internship in the UK, Australia or go for a job placement in the States (altho i’ll be lobbying for a Canadian one since Joey’s there. heh.)

First module for me is Hospitality Marketing. It’s rather different from the generic business marketing of course, because of the way hotels are run. Interesting to know that Ritz Carlton is french (I always thought it’s American or British) & there’s a new position called Lobby Manager, whose job is basically to keep the lobby clear and save the concierge / bell-boy’s asses when they’re MIA (missing in action). Et cetera.

What saved me from classroom syndrome (aka nodding off) was the group mini project. Apparently my group (which consisted of girls from Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia & Singapore..lovely people, they are) went on a survey trip to Ritz. Ooh their sunday brunch is beyond amazing. It’s THE place to impress if you can afford it. Anyway. I didn’t know the bathrooms have paranomic views of Kallang Bay & Marina Bay. Amazing. Their rooms are charged on average SGD500 apparently. Five star price indeed.

I think I’m finally doing something I know i’ll enjoy. The more I learn about how hotels are run, the more I’m into it. Let’s just hope my enthusiastic doesn’t fizzle out. 🙂

As a sidenote, I’m taking students for General Paper for Cambridge A’ levels. Anyone in need of help in the subject ? Do drop me an email or sth.

4 thoughts on “First day of school, again.

  1. i stopped my gp tuition in bugis. i’ve so much work in school =( my teacher’s asking us to spend some time on gp everyday, but i feel like i’m spending most time on gp everyday. LOL! so yar, i guess i won’t want a tuition at the rate i’m doing my work. i’m exhausted and falling sick. *garrh* hope you enjoy your school! it sounds kind of fun. but not my type of work, i think.

  2. lol sure no worres. just make sure you spend quality time studying. staring at the straits times doesn’t make you a better writer you know.

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