Of Classics & Cell Phones

I’m listening to Classic Frank Sinatra. They Can’t Take That Away From Me.
Sinatra’s so soothing. It immediately puts me at ease no matter how tired the day has been. It’s like listening to Christmas-y songs, the kind you put on while holding a mug of hot chocolate like a hamster holding a nut in front of the fireplace and cuddling with someone you love. Do they call this kind of music Big Band? I just love them.
Doris Day, some albums from THAT CD SHOP’s High Society collection (My favourites being Music to Watch Girls By, Déjà Vu, Lust, etc) and the more recent Barry White (which I got to know from my Ally McBeal craze) rule my play list now. Those, and the new-age kind of chill-out music. I’m getting a little too old for alternative and indie rock. (Where’s Jack Ho, front man of EIC, when you need him to revive the music in Wala Wala?)
Maybe I need to visit music stores more often. Just to check out what they have these days. Actually I love rock music too. Some tracks Joey always blasted on the car stereo were really good. Stuff from Rammstein, System of a Down, even Linkin Park sounds great.
Oh. And. Guilty confession. I kinda like Pussycat Dolls as well. I know, I know. The name is the epitome of bimbo and slutty girls, but a few of their tracks are actually pretty good, if you disregard their image. I wonder who wrote those tracks for them.

Music aside,
I got a new cell phone (ok, or handphone, mobile, whatever they’re called) on saturday from Starhub. It’s the Sony Ericsson K610i which is a rather new phone, but thanks to my 200 bucks phone voucher from Starhub & a 2 years contract, I only paid SGD88 for it. Which is only a fraction of what my sister paid when she bought the phone within days of its launch, SGD498, with plan! It just goes to show how cheap the cost price really is, considering a 50% cut still guarantees profits and room for more price dips. At least this is a rather neat phone.
For features go click on the link I attach above. My favourite feature is actually its bluetooth function. (See, my previous phone was only a Nokia 6610i, which doesn’t have this feature.) The camera function is at 2.0mp, so very soon I shall be updating my blogs with pictures attached, since the transfer of files is fast and breezy. 🙂
Call me oudated, but yea I guess I am lol. I’m usually lagging far behind in phone technology mainly because I refuse to spend hundreds on a new phone. Trust me, this new phone’s gonna stick with me for another 3 years at least.

Yoga & working out are my latest commitment… Joined a fitness centre in RafflesPlace which is near my school, so I’m trying to commit to working out 3 days a week. Gotta get toned and ripped! Hate my flabby tummy.. 😦

A little routine actually helps. Going to school everyday and keeping myself busy all the time makes me feel so energized & alive, I can’t believe how I’m going to stop being on the go one day. Bleah. And a little coffee goes a loong way to keep my concentration span longer. Hail Nescafe 3-in-1 mix! It makes me feel like a little hamster scurrying around storing food. keke. And it’s cheap and good. Not that I mind the occasional Starbucks latte. lol. I can’t wait to cook that portabello burger & Merlot-infused sirloin steak for Nive & Yilun! One of the things that make me happy.

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