End of study break

One week’s study break passes just like that. I got my hospitality marketing exam on saturday morn, and I’m not even sure if i’ve studied enough. I mean it’s all multiple choice questions, but there are 100 questions to be done in about 120 mins. If I don’t read enough, I’m done for. And come monday, we’re gonna start Club Management. Should be quite interesting. More so than marketing anyway.

School aside, family’s great, now for some shout outs:

Shout out to Hunn: You better be thinking of me now!! & Don’t forget to feed Pinchy~! (Pinchy’s our pet lobster)
Shout out to V: Thanks for the cd, System of a Down’s great. 🙂 Can I pass the cd-rw back to you so you can burn more Rammstein for me? lol.
Shout out to  Capitalist Infidel: I want Saw 2! No movie no textbook! It’s a barter. No excuses ok.
Shout out to Cecile: Hope you’re safe and having fun in Seoul!
Shout out to 402: I don’t usually do this, but it was quite fun hanging out with you guys this time, considering class gatherings used to be really boring, to be honest.
Shout out to Nive: BEHAVE!
That’s about it I guess.
Had my first flare-up moment in months. Sister wore my favourite jeans (which i specifically indicated out-of-bounds to her otherwise all other clothes I’m sharing with no reservations) without telling me and wasn’t even apologetic abt it when caught red-handed. But it’s all good now cuz she eventually managed to look sheepish and apologized yesterday. I can be quite scary when i’m pissed off enough, but i’m also a fairly forgiving person.
Coming back to JB always makes me feel in a holiday mood, any anger whatsoever just evaporates. I managed to sleep 13 hours straight last night. It was great. Had a nice dream which probably made me want to sleep longer to see how the story turned out. Can’t remember the ending though.

Just wanta end of this entry by saying, for the record, I’m seriously starting my fitness regiment. Here’s to a new me in say, 4 months. Need to be toned~!


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