Chloe Won!

Ok. For those of you who’re from North America, this is SUCH old news. Chloe won the Project Runway competition. And I just got to know that today from watching the last episode of the season which Santino, Chloe and Daniel are from. I just LOVE Chloe’s collection. So feminine and form-fitting. Not to mention flattering. haha. I wonder how long you have to be in fashion design to come up with that kind of skill in tailoring and sewing the seams and all. Before Chloe I always liked Marc Jacobs (Love the tops he designs) and Vera Wang (who can resist her flowy gowns???) and Catherine Melandrino (her dresses and skirts are SO flattering!!) –> Did my research on haha. Now Chloe’s my favourite too! haha.
I didn’t really watch the whole competition, to be honest. I think I only watched the last 2 episodes! lol. But by the 2nd last episode it got quite competitive so there’s more juice to the show. And Michael Kors was one of the judges in the final episode! I’ve always pictured Kors as this really suave manly dude but he’s actually another David Gan. If you know what I mean. My little sister’s in fashion design. I’m so excited for her just by knowing more about the fashion industry. It’s so exciting. hehe.

Fashion aside, I watched my first Hindi movie yesterday afternoon after the site visitation at Orchid Country Club. Although the movie was 3 hours long, I think the length gave the plot time to develop and the script was very very well written, and is reflective of real life situations. Not to mention the setting was in NYC and London. Complete with blonde girls as backup dancers with the Bollywood stars. The female leads were SO gorgeous (those perfect Aryan features make me green with envy!!) and I love their wardrobe of Saris and winter fashion. Fashion again! lol I don’t mind watching more of Hindi movies! More more more!! hehehe.


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