Crepes, Ice Cream, Sangria & Canned soups.

Met up with Shuwen today for late lunch at Raffles City; the basement’s totally revamped!So many new shops and restaurants to check out. Shopped around the place and found Skin Food, a Korean based cosmetics & skin care company. Bought the T-U face mask and a Bordeaux face mask! Gonna try the loot tonight. hehe. Settled for the crepe place at the basement, the one you can’t miss as you go down the escalator. Shuwen had the black pepper beef while I, the seafood thingy. Scallops and Prawns. Pretty good. Had a healthy side of green salad dribbled with olive oil. Yumm. I’d strongly recommend the Peking Duck crepe which I had the last time I went there with Yilun. It was simply deelish. 🙂

Shopped ard the place to wait for out lunch to digest, then being girls, we couldn’t resist the lure of Bakerz Inn.. Shuwen had the Ice cream Waffle while I, the Coupe Cheesecake. Both were equally celestial and we finished them in about 15mins. Worthy sins. Our taste buds were happy. 😀

As if to prove our gluttony, we ventured around the mall and ended up at *gasp* Marks & Spencer’s food section! Shuwen strongly recommended the canned soups (which I checked had less than 5% fat content). I got the Broccoli & Asparagus soups. hehehe. Breaky is settled then. Waltzed around the atrium where the International wine and beer fair was held and I bought a bottle of Spanish Sangria at only SGD16! Couldn’t forget the taste of sangria I had at the Mexican restaurant in Vancouver. Gotta learn how to make tortillas & salsa now. hehehe.

Food aside, the catching up was great.. As usual, we blabbered non-stop about school, relationships, family, etc. That’s something guys can never figure out. How do we keep having so much to talk about? Well. It’s a girl thing, pardon the cliche. & desserts just keep the conversation flowing seamlessly & endlessly. Might be the sugar rush. heh. 😉


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