Big Green Skirt Day

I have this really big green skirt, a gift from Joey, that I really² really love.. And i wore it yesterday. I think I raved about it before in my previous livejournal blog. But since I only wear it once in a blue moon (cuz it’s so precious and my sch’s a bitch when it comes to attire), yesterday’s named after the skirt. 🙂

Caught The Devil wears Prada in the afternoon..Meryl Streep’s acting is pretty good.. And needless to say, I LOVE Anne Hathaway’s clothes! It’s all winter fashion! lol.

Met Nive and her sister Vashimi at Kino aft the movie.. and then dinner.. It’s amazing how most of the books they picked out are already in my collection. lol. Maybe I should start renting out books. :p

Neways, I was reading about the IMF and how the sg’rean government is disallowing street protests.. Then it finally dawned on me that sg’reans themselves are not only so apathetic, they expect the rest of the world to be like them too. It’s like saying “you shalt not visit unless you’re prepared to lose all rights to individuality” lol. It’s crap. You can’t even have a peaceful protest. Relax and learn, people!

On to a happier note, going shopping for lingerie with my Ma tmr. hehe. Always good to have the parent around to pay for your shopping. And times like this will end once i start working. *look of horror & total shock*
I should ask my Ma out for tea and shopping more often.


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