Last day of Module 2 & the Case of my common personality

Thought I’d hafta spend lunch time alone again because my GP (A level english subject) student cancelled out on me last minute AGAIN… Not that I blame her because her school is such a bitch? But you know, it’s just that I could’ve planned something on a FRIDAY if I knew I had the day free??

Anyways, bumped into my classmate, Johan, who ironically is going to be my classmate for the last day since he’s completed 12 months of study, and it so happened that he was going for lunch alone too! So we went to collect my ring (from Joey! *grinz*) which I sent for repolishing together from City Link Mall and had lunch at Raffles City SC. Had a really nice talk about our childhood, bitching about S’pore, and life in general. It’s good to know someone shares the notion that working life in S’pore just doesn’t seem attractive enough.

Somehow whenever I chat with friends from foreign lands, the topic of the importance of decent spoken English always comes up. That, and how stifling and not-retirement-location S’pore is. My apologies to my apathetic & patriotic sg’rean friends, but I’m not alone when I say: I’ll get my education here, I’ll come here for holidays, but you can’t pay me to work here. Yes, the food’s dirt cheap. Yes, transport is convenient. Yes, it’s relatively safe to go out in the day & at night. But I’ll choose Malaysia’s cheap & tasty food, Seoul’s transport system (which is equally convenient as S’pore’s), & Vancouver’s friendly atmosphere any day.
Plus, I can’t stand wearing my power suit someday in the near future in this sweltering heat! Yes I don’t mind stocking up a wardrobe full of winter coats and knitwear and whatnot. I was so envious of Anne Hathaway in My Devil Wears Prada. LOL. Suddenly I sound so air-head. But ask ANY girl. She’ll tell you the clothes, shoes and bags in the show are worthy of shrieks and sighs of envy.

Anyways, I digress. At the end of lunch, Johan told me I remind him of a Filipino friend, Emma, he knows. It’s deja vu again, seriously, I’ve lost count of how many people who’ve been telling me I remind them of this mysterious friend they know. Seriously, why don’t I meet anyone who makes me go “Wait a minute, she’s talking just like me!”??
I’m feeling super ambivalent about this, because. On one hand, I thought everyone’s got a unique personality no matter how common 2 people’s background may be..SO does this mean I’m just an average, common organism walking as an Earthling? On the other hand, people actually have met someone who behaves a lot like me, and no one’s complaining much so far, which means I’m normal. 😀 I’ll opt for the latter. heh.

Sidenote: One of my favourite books, Hotel Babylon, in my personal collection is now a BBC drama series! To think I picked up the book earlier this year in a book fair at only SGD5 at Park Mall…! I can’t wait to get my hands on the dvd! It’s got really good reviews so far.. 😀 Yay… I suspect this might just be my 2nd addiction after Ally McBeal!
Peeps who wanta read the book can borrow it from me as long as you promise to return in a week’s time. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Last day of Module 2 & the Case of my common personality

  1. See? You just helped prove my point. Thanks! I was watching the Oprah show the other day and Marc Jacobs was on it, as well as the business woman who opened the Jimmy Choo chain in London… I can’t help but wish I’m also a designer sometimes..? lol. Not that I want to go on the Oprah show, but I’d love to design something really nice for myself and people I favour, while the rest of the world scramble to pay hundreds of dollars for them. That must be a great feeling. 😀

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