I need stress!~

This week has been rather unproductive.. I didn’t work out much because I pulled a muscle and it’s a study break too. When I get too much free time on my hands, I get lazy and paranoid towards the end cuz I haven’t been doing things that I planned before this.

What did I achieve for myself this week? Just a flimsy 2 page proposal for my graduation project in softcopy, some reading for my Club Management exam this saturday morning, more fatty-tissue-accumulation due to lack of exercise & a pair of new sandals which I was compelled to buy out of necessity (my heels were causing my feet to skin themselves).

That’s all.

I’m seriously in need of stress. This year’s supposed to be my final year in academia. My last hundred meter sprint. Ok, granted, I haven’t got my commercial law result yet (might be getting it tomorrow cuz RELC called to confirm my address this afternoon) so I can’t exactly send out my continuing registration to London with my choice of subjects for my final year, and I’ll hafta wait for a bit more before I get my study guides and stuff.. I can’t do much for my Canadian visa which needs to be renewed cuz Hunn hasn’t mailed me the invitation letter…But still. What’s wrong with me?! A little bit of free time on my hands and I freak out about not achieving something important to myself. Sheesh.

I need to be more zen. I need a plan. Use Karl (Marx). Commodity fetishism. Retail therapy’s women’s most natural emotional cure. Hence I shall draw up a shopping list.

1. Laptop. Just need it to be light-weight and has more storage memory so I can keep all my research stuff plus my music. Long battery life is a must too. Any recommendations?
2. Library card. I hate to borrow novels from the library especially if I love them, but I need to save money for item no. 1. SGD20 bucks a year is a pretty gd deal.
3. Clothes. Well don’t say duh just yet. I mean I need clothes for school. My friggin school wants me to wear black or white tops from mondays to thursdays. Hmm.
4. Tracy, Shehla and Haze’s birthday presents.

Need to do these…(other than studying real hard for the monthly exams)

1. Get Canadian visa done asap.
2. Prep Haze’s birthday party music. She’s put me in charge to set the mood. I can’t let her down. Need to download limewire soon. All those songs. And visit THAT CD SHOP for inspiration. Hope they have a warehouse sale.
3. Send my UOL documents by speedpost as soon as I get my commercial law result!!
4. Get booking slip from SIA. (for item no.1)
5. Check out spas packages (for final item in previous list)
6. Think of Hunn’s Christmas present. (Tying a ribbon around myself & flying myself to Vancouver might do the trick but still… )
7. Workout once I recover to attain Jessica Alba’s bod (by Christmas). hehehe.
Yes! I already feel like I’m all hyped up with adrenalin.. 😀
Sidenote: I’d really love to work with UNIFEM when I can afford the time. Anyone has any connections to any organisations that help women? I’ll volunteer after my graduation next september!

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