I have bad luck with law examiners

I failed my commercial law by 3 friggin marks. And I got to know about my result more than one week after the rest of the results of my other subjects were sent to me. WHY? Because the friggin chief examiner in London resigned and the new one expected the same competency from me, a business student, as they would from a LLB student!!
In the 1st year of studies, a similar thing happened with my Criminal Law exam. Only the chief examiner kicked the bucket. Is it just my bad luck with law examiners or sth? I feel so damn CURSED. Damn! They should follow exam protocol from year to year and not let any new arsehole create havoc and fail everybody! Sheesh. I am SO pissed. I am a Bsc Management with Law student with University of London’s external programme. I am not a LLB student trying to make the bar to practise friggin commonwealth law! Show me some mercy! I have another diploma to take… *sniff*

But I shall not be gotten. God has just answered my prayer from my previous entry. Now I am stressed, I shall be working harder than before. Just you wait, you friggin new examiner. I’ll score a first class paper for you to see. Humph!


4 thoughts on “I have bad luck with law examiners

  1. hey! lol chill~!

    brits tend to be rather cocky lol. my two british friends from University of London showed me so. lol

    i dont think they feel that people outside of Britain can use English as well as the natives in any field. so chill~~ it’ll work out lol, maybe when they’re feeling nice.

  2. Well it’s not that they’re comparing my English with native speakers of the language, my dear. It is that business-based students who take commercial law shouldn’t be graded on the same competency as an LLB student..
    Sigh. It was all good before the chief examiner resigned…

  3. hmm? forgive my misintepretation m’dear 😉
    i think in most colleges everyone is graded according to the subject they take, isn’t it? it’s like there’s so many people not majoring in business, law or media over here but so many people take lv 3 or 4 cross faculty specialised modules anyway.. and we are all graded together i think.

    ah well! how’s everything??? sorry i havent been online for forever, been really busy lately clearing up messes, haha. ttys!

  4. Yea that’s what inside informers tell me about how the grading’s done for UOL external courses.. lol. read ur blog, everything sounds great! yep keep in touch!
    ps: I added ur blog to the list of Bloody Good Sites! 🙂

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