Quote of the day

“You have the right to anything that’s not forbidden by the law”

Quoting from Catch-22, that is the most politically correct statement I’ve heard in my life. Seriously.
Singaporeans tell me “You can do anything, just don’t get caught”. lol.

One is telling you that you’re entitled to do anything that pleases you which the law doesn’t bother legislating, while the other one’s telling you to be an intelligent offender. Maybe my Singaporean friends should follow the Catch-22 principle. At least you don’t have to worry about being caught at all. The only thing is you’ll hafta know the law by heart. Which might be a tall order for the ordinary man who doesn’t know a thing about legal jargon or, hell, bother to read the news everyday.
Perhaps somebody can come up with a book that tells people which are the laws, or lack thereof, in Singapore that backs you up by being absent from the books. lol. There are so many ridiculous “offences” listed (and the atrocity of new items added to the list is increasing), I wish there’s a list of what I can do that won’t get me fined…

Criminal tendencies aside,
Akan Datang: I’m about to start selling novels from my personal collection from next week.. They’re mostly English publications that I bought over the last few years. I’m running out of space. Since everybody’s been asking to borrow books from me and I need to save up for a laptop, I might as well sell it to friends who’re willing to pay a token for them. I promise I’ll only sell good reads. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. I’m not Singaporean but I honestly think so many of the laws are far too rigid to be followed and some are even downright ridiculous and the truth is that you can do pretty much anything (but definitely not anything at all) as long as you aren’t caught. And you only worry about being caught if you know what’s forbidden. A case of ignorance is bliss, eh. Except of course you pay the price for your ignorant self if you get caught. And laws are far too country-specific and one can’t keep up with all of that if they have a nomadic tendency.

  2. “And you only worry about being caught if you know what’s forbidden. A case of ignorance is bliss, eh.”
    I wonder if a person who’s genuinely ignorant will escape punishment by claiming that he/she has no clue such a law exists. Depends on the law, I guess. Singapore has a new initiative for under-16’s to control youth crime. It’s pretty ridiculous to expect the police department to take over parents’ job of setting curfews for kids in S’pore. I know about this because my GP student is doing a school project work on it. It seems like they keep bringing up these new laws as a so-called response to citizens’ concerns, but who the hell bothers with these ad hoc, clumsily enforced mini initiatives? And it seems that most of the kids interviewed had no clear knowledge of what the initiativen meant to their freedom.
    Clearly, this is just a waste of time and money to placate the overly paranoid adults in Singapore.

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