My funeral

If I die today, will you attend my funeral tmr?
The best testimony of how your existence affects the world is to see who attends your funeral. The thought just hit me some time ago while I was daydreaming in bed, before I fell asleep. It’s not a morbid attitude, just a philosophical moment. I mean, the last chance to pay respects to your life will be at your funeral. Think of the movie Big Fish, and the Neil Gaiman book, Anansi Boys. Both involve a legendary character who had knew interesting folks who went to their funerals. And the kind of people who give you that honour of their attendance shows what you’ve done in your lifetime made them value your existence, doesn’t it? I only hope that people who I care about will know that I’ll appreciate their attendance at my funeral. And come to think of it, how would I want my funeral to be like?

For now, I think I’d want my family & close friends to be there, obviously. And people who’ve heard of me, who think I’ve left a strong impression on them to make them remember me as someone whose funeral is worthy of attending. After a series of my playing Aunt Agony and hearing about women suffering injustices today, I’d wanta join an organisation like UNIFEM to make a difference. It almost sounds cliche, but I’m believing more and more that it’s important to do something bigger, other than helping yourself to get ahead in life, to fufill your purpose of living. I don’t know. I always have this urge to help the innocent, battle injustice, sort of. heh. Ah. Don’t wanta get too philosophical today.

Anyway, I finally got my ass to the gym thanks for Jean, who wanted me to show her some weight-lifting exercises. Can’t say I’m an expert at it, but when you got a boyfriend who’s such an enthusiast, you can’t help but get some basis knowledge by pure osmosis. After working out, I had to have dinner by myself. Had this sudden craving for pizza and cheap red wine. Pastamania just popped up, so I went there with my book that I borrowed from the library (The Buddha, Geoff & Me) and set myself up for some nice dinner. Realised after half a glass of the wine and half a pizza that alcohol post-exercise is really potent, cuz all your circulation is working extra hard after you go pump some iron, so just one glass of wine is enough to make me feeling bit tipsy. And I normally can drink like half a bottle without any problem. hmm. Ladies, you gotta take note of this. heh. Same goes for champagne. The effervescence makes the alcohol work itself through your bloodstream and straight up your brain more quickly than most other alcohol, so you get pissed so easily. Yea, just some pointers, my lovelies. 🙂

Neway, I hate it when I get all feeling nice and fuzzy and Joey’s not here with me. I feel compelled to grab him and kiss him like there’s no tomorrow when I’m feeling tipsy. On the upside, I’ve made my booking to see him over Christmas, so yay to the nearness of my beloved! hehe.

I should stop here.. still got my laundry to settle. Yipes.


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