Of free riders & typically evasive pain in the arses.

I’d like to think I’m a team-worker, and I honestly don’t mind presentations and such, but to date as of yesterday, I absolutely hate group projects. (Thank goodness I’m not in a local university, cuz I know for a fact local college kids get burried with projects for most of their modules. haha.)
Especially the one that was set by my very improvise-smart lecturer who’s taking us for Convention mangement. By saying he’s improvise smart, I don’t mean he comes up with clever topics for us.. quite the opposite, in fact. He came up with a really generic quest to “Present a pre-convention meeting agenda that includes itenary, attendees, etc… & I want a flyer for your hotel”. That’s it. No specific instructions on whether the main focus is on the oral presentation itself, or on paper. “The flyer can also be for future publicity purposes”. Hence my group, which consists of 6 members (3 functioning and 3 dysfunct) did a scribbled note for presentation on paper and a flyer that has pictures of a bathroom, a bedroom, a convention room & the hotel building, with a toll-free hotline. Kinda general image kinda thing. Other groups did flyers that sold their conventions, so THAT became the requirement today, and my group’s efforts for the presentation and flyer were trampled on mercilessly.

Mr P.I.T.A. didn’t even critique the contents of the presentations, which was supposedly the main focus of the group work. Looking at his unsmiling, mightier than thou, know-it-all attitude and knowing he’s using his authority to suppress the class and getting away with treating mature students like primary school kids just ruffled my feathers so bad, I literally wanted to shoot him.

But I only managed to shoot metaphorical daggers at him, which somehow doesn’t seem to be good enough. Should I do a quid pro quo or “…to forgive divine” response to this? On one hand, the group projects aren’t graded, but on the other, he’s gonna take us for the next module if no one’s speaking up. I did manage to sack a lecturer through my complaints before in my previous school, but this time I gotta be cautious, not because this PITA is so called on really good terms with the school director, but also because this is Singapore, as one of my classmates put it. Singaporean establishments , be it commecial, educational, governmental or NGOs, always claim to be transparent about their policies, & are often inflexible & stubbornly bureaucratic in implementing their so called “policies” in an irritating manner, sorely lacking in tact & the proverbial common sense. The black sheep present themselves as the Singlish-accented, arrogant know-if-alls lacking in basic social skills, ie in human forms such as Mr Pita.

All we need now are my bad mood & a unanimous-minded class & my inner bitch to put somebody’s job in peril.


2 thoughts on “Of free riders & typically evasive pain in the arses.

  1. hahaha…so PITA standz 4??? hahaha…juz watch v for vendetta….wish i cld be like v…fearless 2 stand out…do wat he believez in…but 2 bad it is juz….a movie…plz dont be mistaken tt i dont agree with wat u said 2day(11oct break time)…itz juz tt i had cum 2 live life or maybe lived in spore 4 all my life tt i realise tt tis world or maybe spore is like tis…we r all ‘trapped’ and we will never hav wat we want no matter how hard we try…as much as we argue…hmm bad word 2 use haha…as much as we cum 2 DEBATE…maybe u r rite bout 1 thing…time will only tell the truth….

  2. Pain In The Ass, brother, is what PITA stands for haha. I know you’re just terribly jaded about questioning authority because it has never brought results you set yourself out to fight for right? Maybe you need better allies, allies who will never turn their back on you. Maybe non-singaporean (and therefore non-apathetic & propaganda-pelted-free) allies will do nicely. Don’t lose your passion to right wrongs you see around you!! I know you got it in you. 🙂

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