Humdrum yet again

First thing worth mentioning is… I did what I set out to do… I carried out my exposé of Mr Pita straight up on my arrival to school. Yay for my conviction! AND I also left my contacts to TIME magazine who has neglected to send me my weekly loot since June (I know this is much delayed but I am a busy chick), which also includes the accompanying complimentary Fortune Magazine they promised me. Earth to Squarepants! I am the forgotten demanding customer coming back for her haunting. Don’t even think of ruffling my feathers. I’ll turn you into a naked mole rat. (pardon my rampant use of crude metaphors)
Other than the queer lady customer at Mos Burger (they have divine coffee milkshake!!) who pronounced mayonnaise as “mah-yoh-neese” (it’s may-yo-nase, my lovelies, and yes, grotseque pronunciations is one of my pet peeves), today was a day worth remembering.

And tomorrow is our monthly site visit; it’s Hilton this time. We’re supposed to be shown their convention facilities & such. So again, I have to ditch my casual everyday college wear and don my pseudo-corporate attire. *wince*
No blazer (or jacket, or suit-coat, whatever you call them) for me please, this is the tropics. And I won’t risk the haze forming a layer of dust on my blazer.

Robinson Road has a really cheap and good vegetarian indian eatery, right beside Uncle Sam’s. Dosai set for only SGD2.60!! And it’s so easy on the stomach. haha. Just try to avoid lunch time. They’re so busy. 😉


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