Pet peeves on the train

I think i get extra observant when I’m in a bad mood. Was feeling rather down for the past few days, and the things I get to see when more things piss me off made me murmur “I want to kill people” most of the day…

Pet Peeves on the mrt….the infamy of you-know-who-you-are….own up!

-people who play music from their cell-phone’s speakers. terribly inconsiderate, and whoever they are obviously think they have great taste in music and other passengers would thank them for the free entertainment. the music quality is raspingly bad, and most of the time i can’t make out the lyrics at all. so pipe down, imbeciles.

-this is like part 2 of the first type of ppl..them who wait for their phone to ring for like, what, 30 seoconds before they answer, because, oooooh they’ve got kewl ring tones that they wanta show off. piss off! if you want gd music, plug in your ipods and keep your music to yourself.. PLEASE…

-people who just keep staring at you with no expressions on their faces. I’m not sure if they’re sleeping with their eyes open or something, but I find people staring straight at me, and it’s disconcerting especially because when i stare right back at them, they continue to stare at me unflinchingly! They don’t even look away! It’s pretty spooky. I usually just keep my head down these days so I don’t notice anyone staring because I’ll be engrossed in my book. I always have a book to read on the train. heh.

-people who read the papers and take up 2 seats. or worse, CONTINUE to take up space when someone seats right next to them. What’s the deal with middle-aged, paper-reading men on the train? they like to open their legs so wide they block my leg space. When stuck in this situation, I usually just stand up and move to another spot on the train. grr.

-people who carry a designer bag with the brand logo plastered all over just so they can show that they’re carrying a designer bag but their clothes don’t even match the bag, like women in This Fashion kind of clothes or just tee shirt and shorts, and they’ll have a small luxury handbag (usually the design’s nothing special. Think the conventional LV or Gucci monograms) hanging off their elbow. I’d kill myself if I design a nice bag and people carry it with thrashy clothes. seriously. you gotta match the clothes with the bag especially when you want designer bags! Don’t carry designer to show you can afford one (because usually that’s the only one you have, isn’t it). Carry a designer bag when you can afford decent clothes at least, to go with it.

Met this super patriotic librarian door man (security guard who keeps bags and writing pads with notes on them off the reference section..don’t ask me why they do that. The only reasons i can think of is they’re afraid you might plant a bomb to destroy their reference books, and they wanta earn the money off you from the photocopy machines) who kept saying his government is really generous because it sponsors foreign talents with scholarships & PR-status…It’s funny how fiercely he praised his government but denied himself to be pro-government when I asked him if he was. Anyways, he’s just an old bugger. I refused to flame him. Had more important things to do.


7 thoughts on “Pet peeves on the train

  1. Those kinda lv or gucci bags u describe are far too trashy anyway. Most of those kinda accessories look disgusting as they are that I think that they shouldn’t even be in production but since they are, I really can’t be bothered if an old hag in mismatching clothes carries it. The bags themselves are such irritants.
    And well, yeah. If something looks amazingly classy and aesthetically gorgeous and that is somehow carried by an old hag in rag, yeah, guess this might be an instance the designer would die of.

  2. I’d wonder how on earth the old hag in rags got hold of that bag in the first place. haha. But yea, I wouldn’t buy those monogram bags since there are so many other nice designer bags anyways. I saw this really nice steel clasp & white leather Gucci handbag at the Paragon outlet the other day.. it’s gorgeous..the moment I slung it over my shoulder I fell in love with it..but then of course I wouldn’t be able to afford it yet. Can’t wait for the day when I can truly afford to grab designer items without blinking an eye! Szez Dream. haha.

  3. haha.. there are many good fakes around yeah. perhaps that. and some are so good, you can’t really tell them apart without close inspection and such.

    and that absolutely sucks when you can’t afford to buy smth that you really really really want. Stay away from those high-end places yeah! haha.. or maybe its inspiring to you. You know, work towards it n all.. Whatever suits you!

  4. Ceci, sale or no sale, I’m not getting a designer bag for myself until I earn my own paycheck. Gifts are always welcome of course. lol. I dunno how much it was exactly, cuz I didn’t check. lol.

    Nive, remember Jenn said she’s all for fakes? haha. It’s true fakes look absolutely real these days, and I guess that’s great news for all of us who like the design and quality but can’t afford the retail price of the authentic version. But still. I maintain my stand of buying a real one when I can afford it. 😉
    And yea, it is inspiring to walk around the high end places. I love taking a walk in 5 star hotels. I can see myself working there already! hehe.

  5. I fuckin hate when i am doing my makeup in my bathroom, and my mom or friends come in the bathroom and just stare at me.. Its anoyying. Also just in everyday situations when people just stare at me and i just want to ask them what the fuck they staring at.

  6. Your Mom stares at you while you do your makeup? Gee. Maybe she can’t believe she created such a beautiful girl and staring makes her believe she did. :p
    But yea, you shouldn’t come to Singapore if you hate people staring at you. It’s pretty bad here.

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