Birthdays, parties & such

I know, it’s 4am in the morning, but after that late night coffee with Yun and her beau, I’m so mentally awake I can’t go to sleep at all. A few hours ago were my Daddy-O’s 56th birthday in JB, and Yun’s 21st bday celebration at this resort chalet in Loyang area. Dad got this really nice shirt & a seafood dinner (cheese-baked lobsters being the main star) from Tracy, my elder sis. Yun’s party was a huge bash & she had so many bags of birthday gifts it made me felt a pang of regret not to hold a huge 21st birthday party for myself earlier this year in January. Bleah. lol.

I am actually quite into parties. As in I’d love to host a good crowd & make everyone have a memorable time, BUT I dont’ like cleaning up after everybody leaves. Hahaa. Perhaps that’s why to date, I’ve only got 2 parties held in my name so far.. One was my 11th or 12th birthday, can’t remember. My lovely Mum cooked up a storm and all, and the party went great with games and presents and photographs that make me smile with nostalgia. The other one was my X’mas cum housewarming party in 2004. Also great party except there wasn’t enough food and my apartment was really sparse because I couldn’t afford a couch & coffee table & dining table. But the crowd was good, so that’s all it took to make it a great party. I still don’t really understand what made me want to have a party, cuz it was basically a party planned for people to get wasted, just that I think the food didn’t get the energy going cuz not everyone got the message that it was supposed to be potluck for the food. hahaha.

So much has happened since my last party…Had many firsts, changed schools, travelled a lot thanks to my beau, discovered the fact that I am

1. evolving to be an activist against inequality & injustice in humanity ( just hating the way good things happen to undeserving people and the unrelenting efficiency of Murphy’s Law on people who do deserve the good things in life) &

2. a realist, learnt a great deal about relationships and people in general,

3. got jaded with the way people succumb to bureaucratic red tapes & mediocracy, but

4. never getting tired of challenging authority (I suspect with the right kind of training & discipline I might have a shot in legal practice, except I don’t have that kind of discipline & can’t qualify for the training lol) because of Point One.

I suspect also that the next party I hold will:
– have excellent food & drinks
– have excellent music in my opinion
– have a deserving crowd that I approve to exist on Earth.. meaning they must be genuine in relationships, they must be trend setters without even meaning to, they must have self-respect without arrogance, have social grace and etiquette, they WILL be deserving of an invitation card at my discretion
– not be a flamboyant parade of hedonism (who’s got the latest priciest handbag/ shoes/ car/ clothes/ maid/ toyboy or girl etc)
– not be cheesy with that SG’rean styled lame-joke-MC-getting-volunteers-to-go-on-stage thing

LOL. I sound as if I’m already a diva.


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