more abt me.

TEN Random Things About Me:

1. i am not S’porean
2. i have small eyes >.<
3. i have a belly that refuses to be flat
4. i am so in love sometimes i can’t even spare a moment not thinking abt HIM. lol
5. i don’t think my IQ is as high as Poh’s or the Capitalist Infidel’s so mensa’s out
6. i can’t eat chicken because my blood type is B. it’s true.
7. i am hooked on my red high heels but they make my feet skin themselves
8. i really want to see London.
9. i get frustrated talking to people who’re slow, but i know it’s not their fault. so i don’t talk to them as much as i can….
10. i LOVE white roses!

NINE Places I’ve Visited: in no particular order

1. S’pore
2. JB, Malaysia
3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4. Langkawi, Malaysia
5. Bali!!!
6. Hong Kong
7. Bangkok, Thailand
8. Vanouver & Toronto
9. Heathrow Airport London (but it was only for a transit..argh. haha)

EIGHT Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. Travel
2. Join UNIFEM
3. Shopping spree in Dubai/ Milan/ New York (with money to burn of
4. have kids so i know what they look like
5. bungee jump
6. Public speaking in front of a huge audience
7. sing live with a band in a bar like Wala Wala
8. meet Ellen DeGeneres/ David E Kelly/ any famous woman leader

SEVEN Ways To Win My Heart:

1. good hygiene. cuz i got a sensitive nose.
2. sing me a song really well. In Spiderman 2 OST ther’s a song “someone to die for”…
3. humour is always a good thing.
4. be nice to old people!
5. dont’ hate furry animals.
6. kill cockroaches and other flying insects for me!
7. kiss me really well. hehe.

SIX Things I Believe:

1. how you think determines your future
2. freak accidents are God-willed.
3. women can do with some help at home and there’s no excuse for men to say otherwise.
4. leading people on in the dating game and then dumping them after you get all the freebies and attention is cruel and unecessary and makes me the victim of grieving men who want to tell their problems to a girl who might be able to explain why it happened.
5. brutal honesty is better than wishy washy attitude.
6. you need to fringe on the dark side to learn how to avoid being sucked into it.

FIVE Things I’m Afraid Of:

2. insecurity
3. paranoia
4. uncontrolled anger
5. stupidity

FOUR Of My Favorite Items In My Bedroom:

1. the hair dryer
2. the desktop
3. BabyBunny and Johnny (toy rabbit and penguin that belong to me and my beau)
4. the epilator

THREE Things I Do Everyday:

1. read
2. wear earrings
3. ponder

TWO Things I Am Trying Not To Do Right Now:

1. fall asleep
2. think of my beau cuz i need to study….

ONE Person I Want To See Right Now:
WHO ELSE??? Hunn!!!!!!


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