SARS didn’t do its job.

Yes, it’s a shame the SARS outbreak failed to wipe out half the population of Singapore, because in Singapore, you find:

-inconsiderate commuters
-narrow-minded imbeciles (a hyperbole, if it offends you) + government ass-kissing brainwashed nobodys who think Singapore is the centre of the Universe
-arrogant middle-income earners who dress more flamboyantly than billionaires
-white-ass loving SPGs (of course the tourism industry isn’t complaining)
-people who speak Singlish with pride and are thinking of glorifying it further, to the horror of their government, to the delight of moi.
-desperate males
-materialistic females
-frequent Karaoke patrons
-American-accented true blue homegrown locals (which makes you wonder how many hours they spend watching American TV, which of course we know is mostly crap)
-people like Mr Pita
-money laundering institutions and agencies of all trades & industries (which happens in most capitalist environments but here, they are so blatant and scheming)

Yes, it is this half of the population, this half who mostly hold the Singaporean passport, this half who pisses me off day in and day out, who should’ve been wiped out by SARS.
I’ve practically lived here since 7. Most people who don’t piss me off and are what you call, worldly, possess common sense in the universal sense of the word, are PRs, expats, foreign students, exchange students visitors, etc.
Of course I’ve met very nice Singaporeans but this bunch is rare, and they mostly are thinking of leaving the country once they get the chance.

The rest just can’t entertain the fact that a Malaysian who went through their education system isn’t proud of being mistaken for a local, can’t wait to leave the country and casually points out atrocities staring at them in the face (but they’ve never come to terms with the reality of how they got duped into the propaganda)

4 thoughts on “SARS didn’t do its job.

  1. I dunno. You decide which group you wanta belong to. 🙂
    You call this whining?? Listen to yourself more and you’ll be able to tell the difference between whining and bantering.

  2. wooo u bold bold chic! hahaha i concur but like i said….u bold bold chic. hahaha i think the reason why these ppl think such is cos they don’t know any better. it’s not their fault they don’t watch the news. it’s not their fault they don’t travel; of which some do it’s not their fault they weren’t observant enuff. it’s not their fault they don’t bother to get to know and appreciate their fellow singaporeans with altering views. it’s not their fault they refuse to keep up with the times where cultures and environment are evolving and fusing into a whole new larger community. it’s not…their fault for some sense of conceitedness,lack of social etiquette and individualism . after all…they’re only chasing money and ‘success’. so really…it’s not their fault.

    RIGHT!!!!!! HAHAHA wat a cruel joke, lest they know it’s on themselves.

  3. ROTFLOL. :p
    I’m glad at least I know another Singaporean who won’t need to get wiped out, who reads this & agrees with me. Alas! There are not enough of you out there. Which is why this article’s out here in the first place. lol. Thanks for ur warm feedback. I like to be told I’m right. 😀

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