Wala rocks again. :)

Made an impromptu decision to go Wala’s for Unexpected on last thursday with Jean, and oh boy, it’s the first time I stayed for the entire night at Wala’s since the beginning of my visits and I’d say it’s the best!! Sorry EIC, Unexpected has surpassed ur place in my heart!

I’m not sure if it’s the wine or the fresh & awesome music (EIC plays indie rock that reminds me of a transition stage in my life not so long ago, and Jack’s pretty cute, but they keep playing the same songs over and over and they don’t really re-invent themselves much). I was in high spirits. And partly because Jade from America’s next Top Model was there for the 2nd set, the night felt so surreal.

Plus of course, my favourite waitress was there too. I’m not sure what’s her name but she’s been there ever since the first time I went there like, 2 years ago or something. And hey, cheers to the smoke-free environment. Cigarette smoke gives the place character, but they add tears to my eyes because they irritate them so much!! haha. So yea. I’m definitely going back there for Unexpected again. The chick vocalist is beyond awesome. I wish I have her kinda stage presence and voice power!

Sidetracking a bit, Muse is coming to S’pore next Jan!! Yay!~


7 thoughts on “Wala rocks again. :)

  1. live music in seoul is sooo different from singapore’s! i’ve just been to two rock gigs and it really feels more like “the bait shop” in The O.C rather than wala wala. =)

    but yes, some koreans simply love to mutilate english lyrics and they devor the letters “r”, “s” and the sound “th”.


  2. Sweet.. perhaps you can make it a mission to check out gigs in every city you visit! go do your research in Tokyo over X’mas!
    Every country has its way of localising English. haha.

  3. Haha sorry bro, like I mentioned, it was an impromptu decision.. Besides, you had your Standard Chartered marathon to prep for.. how can i ask you to get high on alcohol 2 days before your big day? lol
    I’ll ask you along for sure next time around yup! 🙂

  4. oh yes i forgot to update you lolx we won’t be going to japan for xmas anymore cos adeline wants to start the internship at 20th =/ im not even sure if im really gonna stay =xx

  5. what… why?? oh well.. why don’t you try for the US intern then.. I mean, Poh said on average they get USD1000 per week. That’s quite a huge bait don’t you think? haha.
    anyways I’m sure X’mas in Seoul will still be great.. 😉

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