All you need for a good time…

… Is good food, good music, great company and a little bit of booze. 🙂
First Thai dinner and Wala’s on thursday, 007 movie and Kinsahi Jap dinner on Friday, Grandma’s treat to Chinese dinner yesterday… I need to work out. haha.
Just caught the Golden Horse awards on Channel U.. I feel compelled to say something….
Aaron Kwok & Zhou Xun
Aaron Kwok looks really really suave, more so with his shaven head… lol.. (no I don’t think this has any relation to my beau sporting the same look.. :p) He, like Andy Lau and Tony Leung, all look better with age… Yes I am a sucker for certain older Hongkong male stars, regardless of how people say they’re overrated.. If a guy looks good to me, he is good-looking. Period. I trust my own taste.

Anyways. The past few days has been pretty good.. Now I just gotta make sure I prepare enough for my Housekeeping exam and also start my studies proper for my UOL degree..
I don’t really know why I’m updating mundanities here.. Perhaps 13-hours dreams just make me feel too floaty to raise any issues.. Or it’s just the generally relaxed atmosphere in JB… All I know is that the somebody I miss the most better make his way here as soon as he can or he won’t get his X’mas present from me.. bleah.


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