Craig Ferguson is my favourite Scot!!

He’s so crazy he’s the most hilarious comedian I’ve seen so far.. Of course the accent helps a lot too. lol.


4 thoughts on “Craig Ferguson is my favourite Scot!!

  1. Craig Ferfuson is soooo much funnier than that other late, late night talk show host…you know “what’s his name”, he’s so lame.

  2. HE IS THE MAN!! he is the best late night show host out there.. even if you dont know who the guests are, you are guaranteed to crack up at all times cuz Craig just throws jokes with in the actual interview with the celebrity.. unlike other hosts who simply focus on the reason of the celebrity’s interview.. Craig just makes the whole show hilarious and his accent is just the icing on the cake..

  3. I think it’s because Craig has always been a comedian by profession while Letterman is known for the A-list celebrities he manages to get on his show more than what he delivers? I definitely can’t get enough of Craig… I’m hooked to CBS videos of his monologues on Youtube! He’s just a natural at this.. I so want to go see his show!~ 😀

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