How to make me cook..

Was looking through my past photo albums today, and the pictures of all the seafood that I cooked for my beau while I was visiting in Toronto last winter made me miss grocery shopping in St Lawrence market & Pusateri’s…

I love to cook when I can get fresh and exotic ingredients.. And of course when there’s someone that I can cook for… I am quite a health freak so fish is good to cook.. While in Toronto I researched recipes for baked swordfish, and I’d hafta say, it turned out really well.. Here’s the picture I took of it.. It doesn’t only look yummy, it tasted so yummy that my beau invited all his friends for a lunch party to sample my cooking. Bleah.
swordfish oriental style
I think I’ve posted these before in my LJ blog, but they really deserve an encore.. haha..
Here’s the mahi mahi with macadamia and honey…
mahi mahi
The mahi mahi was undercooked on the inside.. Didn’t really know the technique cuz it was only the first time I’ve tried cooking, or even heard of mahi mahi.. But the rosemary potatoes and broccolis  went very well with the fish.. And the herbs used on the mahi mahi was from William Sonoma, thanks to my beau who went on a mad herb shopping frenzy to accessorize the kitchen for my impending arrival to cook for him. lol. I don’t know the composition of the herbs actually.. I’ll need an Italian chef to educate me on that.

I also miss one gelato outlet called Solferino… They make gelato fresh in their store and they have the BEST hot chocolate…!
Here’s a picture of the shop window…

Solferino, Toronto

Don’t mind me folks, I’m just missing Toronto. lol.


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