I know I’ve been lazy…

Yet I think I deserve a little bit of indulgence in myself… This year has not been all a bed of roses for me… People who know me well enough will know exactly what happened, but in a nutshell, it’s mostly relationship problems and a lot of short temper, which resulted in broken things, figuratively and literally.

My plans for Christmas are cancelled, and I’m left to plan something else for myself. I don’t know, if this is just me, but when holiday trips get cancelled, I just wanta go on a lesser-budget but impromptu one, just for the sake of filling up the holidays… It’s like my mental self telling me: this Christmas season, you’re going to spend it really well. And so it shall be. Vancouver got cancelled, which was a HUGE deal for me considering how snow and hot chocolate and all that nonsense got traded for humidity and teh tarik. Bangkok was cooking but the nothing really came out of it, and now I’m thinking of going to KL to join some friends there… I just have this way of justifying my way of filling up my disappointment.. like stuffing custard into puffs. (yes my similes mostly relate to food)

Or maybe I’m just trying to avoid missing someone too much, in case i end up crying in bed on Christmas eve….


2 thoughts on “I know I’ve been lazy…

  1. OKAY—

    Don’t know you from Adam!! You are lonely and misplaced and stuck into a realm of “somewhat make–believe”. I share some of this and thus wanting to be helpful decided to respond. The dilemna sounds typical of much of the Seattle community–Artsy, beauty, self isolated, do-it-on-my-own. Feel for you. rej

  2. Somewhat make-believe? lol.. I only know I have entire arguments (with my boyfriend who’s in Vancouver) inside my head and I get so into it I start crying while going home on the subway (here in Singapore they call it MRT)… Isolation does make me paranoid. :p
    I think people in Seattle should come to South East Asia more. Feel the sun instead of the biting rain. Might make them less isolated.

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