Just caught Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage on dvd…
I hafta say it’s really friggin good… Not overdone, but very poignant in relating what happens when a man dips his fingers too deep in supplying killing machines in wars that happen for the wrong reasons… And this movie was based on actual events.. Quite educational !
“Evil prevails” no matter how you look at it… Temptations of money, the promise of getting what you want, etc. A worthy quote from the movie, “There are 2 tragedies in life: 1 is not getting what you want, and the other is getting what you want.”

I guess the latter refers to the dissatisfaction of finally getting what you have not been getting; dissatisfying because upon getting what you haven’t got in the past, you realise it doesn’t do anything for you. It doesn’t serve any purpose of justifying what you think you have been fighting for. It just leaves nothing more to be done and you’re just stating the obvious that everyone’s already accepting but are too blinded or apathetic to point it out.
Like saying Singapore is a boring place and drawing up a list of why it’s boring, trying to get everyone to agree with you. Everyone already knows it’s boring. Get my point?

Anyways, Merry Christmas to everybody & hopefully your Christmas is better than mine. It’s not that hard.

PS: I got Crash and Cinderella Man in my mail today! Yipee.


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