Christmas and such

Christmas! And I’m just chilling at home watching Teen Choice Awards on TV. It’s that time of the year, but now it’s also that time of the month… lol.  Don’t wanta go out, just wanta nurse myself back to having enough strength to go out…
At least Christmas eve was great… Met up with Nive (my life-saver, muach!) for an extremely deeelish gourmet vegetarian meal at Original Sin… They make a great mango daiquiri..slurpy slurp.. And after that checked out the expensively-advertised The Cannery chill-out lounges… I though Clinic’s concept was pretty original, but didn’t try their drinks and stuff.. We settled for shisha at this other part of Clarke Quay.. which was crowded with families, tourists, young party-goers etc… I like the roofing they did for Clarke Quay.. at least we’re covered in this monsoon season. haha. One thing about the advertising for the Cannery.. they said they wanta bring the clubs, bars and whatever else they said of Paris, London etc to Singapore.. It’s total bullshit. How do you replicate the bartenders, the crowd (S’poreans just don’t blend with Sophistication that well to me), the weather, etc? You just can’t make Singapore into a mini all-in-one.. I’ll give credit to the management for trying, but experiencing London in Singapore? Not a chance.

All in all I totally bombed a couple of hundred bucks yesterday, so today I’m just laying low… No hangover whatsoever, and the weather today’s been incredibly nice… not sunny, I hate sunny weather.. I just like the cooling breeze and the impending-but-never-here rain… Gloomy and sublime. Nice.

And here’s my Christmas wishlist…

– Finish my degree and diploma…hard work hard work hard work…SO i’ll need a lot of motivation from myself and I won’t be needing distractions of any kind from anybody.

– Health, wisdom and happiness for everyone I love…my family, my closest friends, and people who know me and don’t hate me… lol..

– Less bloodshed around the globe (non-blonde way of saying “World peace”

– Travelling to Nepal (for trekking for 5 days), London (because I’ve always wanted go there), Scotland (to see Shuwen!) or NZ (to see Jenn!)

– Job placement at a 5-stars hotel! Hopefully in London or Florida… hehe.

– I wanta see my Hunn (who failed to turn up on Christmas morning)… bleah…

So Merry Christmas to everybody who reads this..!


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