Curse of the Golden Flower

Caught this great movie by Zhang Yimou today, and I can’t understand why my friends all say it’s a laughable movie.. The acting was phenomenal (especially veterans Gong Li and Chow Yun Fatt), the costumes were really well done… Cinematography was excellent, the plot was scheming, the battle scenes could rival those in Lord of the Rings!

I loved the way different armies representing different royal family members battled each other in different battle gears, holding different loyalties.. I loved the way Gong Li showed helplessness, hatred, indignation and benevolence all at the same time in ONE expression. I loved the weapons and strategies used in the fight scenes. I loved the extravagance of the budget in production. I loved the beauty of the actresses and the way everyone knew kungfu. Most of all, I loved the irony in the plot.

Go see the movie!!

4 thoughts on “Curse of the Golden Flower

  1. Good to see ya here finally too. 🙂
    Well yea, he’s an amateur, so I forgive him. Zhang Yimou was probably overconfident of Jay’s acting ability. His lone battle at the end was acceptable.. He’s afterall a musician, not an actor by profession. Few do well when they try too many aspects of show business. I’d have to say though, he’s the least attractive among the cast. lol.

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