Happy & Humbled Birthday Me~!

It’s my 22nd Birthday today… Can’t say life’s been smooth and rosy… So I hope things start to get better from this day… I don’t feel old despite the heart-wrenching recent breakup… I feel sober & ready to do something real for myself. Put in some real effort for once. Get a real degree, get the real diploma, get a real job… have a life I’ve always wanted… Focus.

Just wanta say, sorry to everybody whom my caustic & relentless nature has unwittingly offended… I’m not a perfect person, but someone recently taught me to be more humble to admit my mistakes.. So here they are…
I’ve been bad tempered, impatient, unreasonable, annoying & conceited to a good number of people… I’ve demonstrated signs of elitism despite not being in the elite myself… Wishful thinking on my part that I’m mightier than thou, I guess. Other people call it pride. I’ve realised not everyone can take this toxic personality of mine well, like The Capitalist Infidel, for one. So, oh well. I guess I’ve gotta swallow my indignation to let live more, when the situation compels me to.

They always say, you always hurt the ones closest to you most… I’m trying not to do that (even subconsciously) anymore… It’s hard to correct, advise or rebut someone like me… But it’s not hard for me to agree to disagree… I’m just hard to win over…
Everyone knows I love a good argument and I get annoyed when people can’t take the notion of debating about anything for the sake of enlightening one another of opposing perspectives. But I guess I can’t pick an argument with just anyone. I wish he who’s tired of arguing with me took arguments with a bit more candour…
Ah well. Some people prefer telepathy I guess.

Nonetheless, take heart, I tell myself. Everybody loves a good attitude. I shalt not be the person I hate. I might not have the class or character that’s reflective of idols or heroes, but I do know I am the biggest person in my life, and that’s enough for me to not make a fool of myself. That includes no hard liqour. :p


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