…and reality descends.

Registered for my UOL exams at RELC today. Turns out that Criminology’s counted as a Law module which means the passing mark has been raised from 34 to 40. Effectively, I have 3 law subjects (Commercial Law and Company Law are the other 2) and 2 classified under “normal subjects”, which are Society and the Environment and Social & Applied Psych respectively.

Seems like no one’s applied for Soc & Env except for me so far. Hello lone candidate in Expo Hall 7! lol. I cannot imagine, only that it’ll be friggin cold that day. I don’t say that figuratively. The Expo halls are known to turn your nails purple if you stay there long enough, and my exams are 3 hours each. This is just great. I’ll need winter clothes to sit for an exam in Singapore. And when the exams end I step right into tropical heat. Argh.

To be totally honest, I can foresee myself having not much of a social life for the next 6 months or so… School is tough on me. Or maybe I’ve been distracted and procrastinating for too long. I said a painful goodbye to a distraction I love and hated. Now I’m alone. I hope encouragement will still come forth from my distraction, who will be far far away. Just pray, Hunny. And maybe send an email or 2 once in a while. Bleah.

I’m nothing without hope. The nearest one comes in the form of Muse concert on the 16th! I sure hope it won’t rain that day.

Sidenote: Happy 22nd Birthday to Pohlin, who’s again, halfway round the world. I wish we could celebrate out birthdays together… Some people I love are too far from me. Thank God for budget airlines. Keep them coming. heh.


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