I want a daughter who can sing like that… She’s so kawaii!! Makes me wanta buy her lots of sweeties and pretty dresses and all… 😀

I used to sing Chinese New Year songs at my Dad’s colleagues’ and ask for ang pows. haha. Why oh why didnt they groom me in singing, I’d be earning my own keep by now. Oh now I really miss the days when I used to take part in singing competitions in school, and the transitory period when I jammed with this band from Stansfield College (tt’s when I met my first…).. I miss jamming Meridith Brook’s Bitch, and the Cranberries’ Zombie! lol.. Now I can only be part of the audience at Wala’s, Crazy Elephant and other places with great bands… Maybe I shld go for my job placement in the States after I graduate and join a band and get signed and get famous and have tours all over the Americas and Europe and Asia! Hahahha yea right… I don’t think my musical talent’s up to that standard yet. Dream on, Szez. Dream on.

Was talking to Eugene who’s now in chilly Colorado about people and their suitability to be in the hospitality industry.. It reminded me of the time when i brought this portable radio into my living room, tuned it to a classical music station, brought out all the drinks and condiments from the kitchen and set up a mini bar right in my own living room! lol. And I think I was only about 9 or 10 years old. And then after that I even made my own menu for an imaginary cafe ( I think I named it Sensation Cafe) complete with starters, main courses, desserts, drinks and Today’s Specials! hahahhahaaa….. Wish I can find them.. I actually typed them out, printed them and put them on a clipboard with a pen. The only 2 things I lacked were a chef and money. If my Daddy’s filthy rich I might just become the youngest restaurant owner ( that was my ambition for a good number of years until conventional aspirations were thrust upon me… ) in Asia! Now I want to be a food critic. And a hotelier!

I think the things we do in childhood are hints at what we’ll be good at when we grow up, don’t you think? Parents shouldn’t just wave off “cute” stuff that their kids do… This cuppycake girl here could be the next Avril Lavigne or Christina Aguilera! Ok I think in America there are a lot of stars who’re groomed by their parents to get into the entertainment industry, but that’s just wrong, because at the end of the day, the kids are just money trees to pay for the parents’ expenses.

I admire Rachael Ray! She grew up in the food business and now she’s an accomplished chef and food TV programme host… Respect and lasting success usually come about when celebrities are down to earth and are proud of their background. 🙂


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