Muse-ings; Gut, Besser, Paulaner.

I wasn’t a huge Muse fan when I was introduced to Sunburn about 3 years ago by a friend, and quite frankly Sunburn was the only Muse song I knew.
Then late last year, fellow live rock music enthusiast friends of mine told me to buy an early bird ticket for the one night only Muse concert for yesterday night.
And I started listening to more Muse songs. And now, Matthew Bellamy is my newest idol. Especially after seeing him switching between the electric piano and different electric guitars while singing all most of the time. From the way he played the piano, I think he should have been trained in classical piano before, but thank God his talent isn’t restricted to just that genre and that instrument. His guitar skills are well, not the best I’ve seen (those dudes who play for Spanish music are way better) but still exceptional for a rock star, and his voice is so distinct, and I love the way he pronounces “Steaar” in Starlight.
All rock concerts should be like Muse concerts! 😀

And today was that visit to Paulaner Brauhaus, the only German microbrewery & restaurant in Singapore. Learnt about the ancient medieval German Law of Purity that set the standard for excellent and traditional taste of German lager beer… I’d have to say, because the beer was so fresh and it was unfiltered (and therefore the yeast is still in the beer when they draw it out from the tap), it’s by far the best tasting beer I’ve ever tried so far. I’m not a beer lover, and I don’t drink beer like a camel, but truly, it was so good I managed to finish that complimentary mug that came with the orientation tour. Slurp. :p

One more thing to look forward to.. Dinner party with the girls this friday at mine! Stuff on the menu… Beef stew with beer (Shane said beer is great for cooking and i’ll trust him for just this time), fried udon (prepared by Ivy), sweet yam dessert (a recipe I picked up while in Toronto) and maybe some salad for starters. Szez Meals must be healthy, colourful, yummy and unforgettable. Hehehe.

5 thoughts on “Muse-ings; Gut, Besser, Paulaner.

  1. haha oh well, you should’ve made friends with the owner… Chaaru asked for wine and she got it too… Oh we saw Jun as well, forgot to tell you about it on MSN. He’s doing great, and if things go well, he’ll be getting married this year… 🙂

  2. haha yeap this skin is called “sunburn”.. rock on! haha.
    haha i know, jun’s wedding should be postponed for you huh.. he’s still in the midst of scouting for a place to hold the reception, so it’s still in the early works.. maybe he’ll need more time.. so maybe it won’t be so soon??? i dunno.. let’s hope you’ll be able to attend it. 🙂

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