One last dance, & let there be no more.

Yesterday, out of total boredom and need for entertainment, I caught the superhyped “One last Dance” at the movies with Ed.. the one that’s filmed in Singapore…? The one that they publicised so much? The one about a deadly assassin who got involved with Mafias and stuff?  The one that the Media Authority of Singapore was part of…?

It was the biggest pile of crap ever descended upon the big screens. Seriously. I was laughing during the movie, not because of the “comical” touch added to it, but because it was so so bad…. I don’t know who wrote the script, or who dubbed the convos, or who suggested adding “cold” humour to a movie about assassins, but it was really that bad, despite all the hype created around it. I wanted to leave halfway through the show. But I  didn’t, because I wanted to see how crappy it could get. Well in the end after all the lengthy amateur acting and all were over, it turned a bit for the better (partly because of Francis Wu’s effort to look like he was doing his part) but all in all, it was a trying-too-hard, punch in the face (of the made-in-Singapore label) effort.

The only word for it? Pathetic.
I think Jack Neo’s movies way surpassed this confused shit.

ANYWAYS. To sidetrack a bit, just had a fabulous dinner party with the ladies from my junior college.. It’s hilarious to have bitches in the house who disparage each other for the sake of having conversation. I made beef stew (in the end it was more of like broth) and butternut squash soup. Lam made spicy stirfried udon with chikkin and shrimps.. which Yeo packed the leftovers home for supper. We had excellent coffee and sparkling juice (no wine because Lam’s allergic to alcohol, bless her heart). Maybe a flea market trip tmr in Bugis. I’m not really in a mood for shopping but I can certainly do with some new shoes. heh.

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