Tory Burch



Dolce & Gabbana

brown calfskin dual buckle stirrup boots retail value:  $1,995.00 


mustard ‘Roman’ leather ‘Selleria’ hobo

retail value:  $1,430.00


8 thoughts on “Obsession.

  1. I like the first pair the best. The boots would be cte except for the gold medallion -how gawdy. Thanks for sharin’.

  2. lol yea I think I’ve been looking for ballet pumps just like that, since last year!
    The boots are just an extravagance piece, to go with the dress i post earlier. Juxtaposition of different styles. 🙂

  3. The ballet pumps are gorgeous. I suppose the boots can be seen as cute too, It’s all in the eye of the beholder right? I just remembered, I have a natural bias against Gold Accessories -don’t know why.

  4. Why against the gold? To each his own, I can’t say there’s anything wrong with that too. :p
    But gold goes really well with beige, red, and white. I have a beige leather shoulder bag with matt gold cuffs, it’s my favourite! Really classy.
    Maybe you should give it a second chance. lol. Thanks for dropping by btw. 🙂

  5. omg the first two flats… lookalikes are everywhere in seoul! hahaha ade has loads of them

    and yeh gold looks so great with white, black and beige!

    but it’s a reaaaaaaally fine line between looking classy and trashy. it all depends on the shade of the gold

  6. agreed, with beige always go for matted gold. i think. white goes with glossy. red depends, black, i dunno, matt sounds gd. lol. depends on the material.

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