Yann Tiersen – Le Matin

Awww I wanta be able to play this piece!! I’ve been searching for the music score for so long… sigh. I can’t afford the time to catch the notes from playing by ear like what I did for other Yann Tiersen compositions.. Anyone free to help? I’ll be grateful to you for eternity. lol.

Anyways, it’s been a rather good week. It’s supposed to be my study week (I hope I’m prepared enough for tomorrow’s exam) and I watched 2 movies (Perfume and Apocalypto, both pretty awesome productions!), went for a hot yoga class, did a fair bit of domestic chores, researched on my trip to Nepal and working holidays to the UK and New Zealand (great news all around, I’m just waiting to graduate) and also signed up for a UOB savings account where all my money for travelling will be deposited in. Yipee yay for Szez in getting out of the inertia to fufill her life-long dreams!

On the downside, I’ve got 5 modules to prepare for the upcoming UOL exams in May/June, which is seriously starting to stress me out, and it’s about 6 more months before I graduate from my hospitality course. It’s going to be a teeth-grinding time for me from now, but hopefully everything will turn out well.

*Groan* It’s the truck downstairs again. It’s here every night. Driving me nuts. One day, I’m gonna shout from my window for them to get the hell out of my estate.

“Get the f*** out of here you stupid inconsiderate bastards!!!”


2 thoughts on “Humdrum..

  1. OMG thanks so MUCH! You’re a lifesaver… 🙂
    I can’t thank you enough for this.
    I hope you’ve mastered this piece!
    Warm Regards!

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