Points going through my head at this moment.

I’m torn between going to St James Powerhouse and Homeclub tonight.

I like the way my keyboard feels as I type with gusto on my Panasonic Toughbook W4.

I feel alive because of the rain. I can’t emphasize enough that I hate sunny & humid weather.

Very soon, I won’t be so broke because Chinese new year Hongbaos are coming, allowance from my folks is coming & my late pay-cheques are arriving soon!

Sushi dinner was great and it cost me only SGD5.

I love going to IKEA for the food (lovely Aladdin chocolates!) but I hate the fact that I don’t drive so I can’t shop for the nice stuff I see there. Not to mention I’m feeling broke now. bleah.

I miss flooring the Volvo S60 on the emergency runway. The empowering feeling of being in total control.

I think I’m getting fat. Again. Time to cut the carbs. And more fruit detox!

I need to shower. hehe.

I have no idea why I have this random entry. Maybe I just felt the urge to type. Typing is so therapeutic for me. Especially after I got my lappie. :p


3 thoughts on “Points going through my head at this moment.

  1. Oh ladies nights are out because of school on thursday morning.. don’t like disruptions to my sleeping patterns in the weekday. Plus I don’t like the crowd on ladies nights. There are too many people getting drunk and the men are especially lecherous. And it’s too crowded. So nope. No ladies nights no matter what you say to convince me. lol.
    Craig RuLeZ! lol. You can have ur vengence by telling more ppl about him so you won’t be alone.

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