Of honesty and music

Found this on Youtube, Craig Ferguson talks about his father on his Late Late Show. Whatever he said about him being proud of where he’s from, it’s his identity, etc, I totally agree. Most successful people embrace their pasts. Eminem raps about his broken childhood, Eva Longoria is proud of being Latino, David Gan never lost his Malaysian accent, there are too many examples if I think hard enough. And his honesty. It’s what makes people love him. Everyone hates a liar, especially if you’re a celebrity.. I’ve always believed in honesty. The world’s already complicated enough; we could make it easier by being totally, tactfully honest. I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to get along with the “popular” girls in school. They got too much bitching, competition for popularity and plastic conversations going on. lol. No frills, if you wanta be my friend. 🙂

Anyways, on the un-philo side, St James was where I went yesterday night. Pretty nice place but I only mainly hung out at the section with the filo singers, don’t know what it’s called. The music by the band was pretty good although it was very old school and reminded me a bit of retro discos where shinny dancers/singers jammed with uncle-looking musicians. They even had this 65 year old man dancing on stage with them. I think it was his birthday and he was pretty drunk. lol. Thankfully all that ended after a while. 

DJ played pretty familiar R&B stuff, had a fun time with the girls who were with me. I think most girls can dance much better than the guys. And although I had a wicked time last night, I think I’m getting old and rickety. My kneees were hurting the whole time today. No hangovers, I seldom get hangovers at all, but oh the joints. I hate dancing the night away because the next day’s always bad. I think I need to start feeding myself glucosamine sulphate supplements to ‘oil’ my knee joints back to health. I feel like an old woman of 89 when I’m really only in my early twenties. lol.

I’ll think I’ll just stick to lounging with my favourite cocktails and just chill to bands. I still prefer live indie bands & jazz bars. Usually the crowd’s more sophisticated & collected. And they know how to appreciate real music, not manufactured, top-of-the-charts semi-soft-porn-accompaniment pop thrash. That’s quite a mouthful. lol. But I’m just being honest.

I can’t wait for February. One month closer to exams which sucks, but it also means one month closer to my entrance into the real world, which makes me delirious with anticipation! 😀


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