Babel is Crash part 2

Oh what depressing movies. Human beings are in love with tragedies. They both got nominated for multiple awards. Caught Babel today out of impulse and my gawd I can’t study pollution because it’s too depressing after the movie. Like Crash, they show you what can go wrong in everyone’s lives depending on where you live. Plus the 2 women who were sitting behind me were giving live commentaries like “I think she’s going to get bitten by a snake”, “Oh, he masturbate ah” (giggles all around)… excuse me, they’re both grown women in their late 30’s, I’d reckon, and they have the sensibilities of teenage girls. Thank goodness the movie theatre was only 20% filled and I took my things and changed my seat well away from the live commentators. It’s people like these that give Singaporeans a bad name. Among many others. Singapore’s a nice place, it’s the people that irk me.

Today has not been good. I hate it when people live by rules and stick to them for dear life. Sometimes I think they’re just using them rules as excuses, or maybe they’re just too thick to comprehend & use their common sense to exercise pragmatism. Businessmen should not run schools. Especially those who run it just because they feel the need to have that authority that they know they can’t have outside the private education industry and so decide to start a school because the money is good and they get to be in charge. 

Respect has to be earned, not forced upon by virtue of title. What you get from formal authority is submission, not respect. My trainer is one good example of a person whom I respect a lot. Humility, worldliness & intellect earn my respect most easily. The person who started my day bad has none of those qualities.

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