Back to myself

Enuff about the melodramatic accounts of my love life, which is now but a void. It’s time to start talking about Szez again. 🙂 Life is multi-dimensional; helps a lot when you don’t get ur attention lopsided to one department. 
Time ticks by; the chronology of my memory should be filled with frames of smiles more than frowns and tears.  

Good news number one: I only need around SGD 2000 to visit nepal for 2 weeks. Anybody interested to come along? Here are the details. I should be going in around mid-sept this year. I can’t wait! 🙂

OK I only have one good news so far. Was supposed to show everyone the pictures I found of other trekkers who went to Annapurna but they don’t allow me to grab their pics and paste them here.

Oh actually there’s one more thing, I openly said Singaporeans are a confused bunch in class today. Much to my dismay, none of the Singaporeans in my class stood up to defend themselves. At that point I wish Eugene was there so we can start an open debate on:
-why a certain group of Singaporean chinese can’t speak Mandarin (the jiak kantang kind)
-why they discriminate against their own citizens who speak Singlish by denying the Singlish speakers of good service

Anyway, it’s been said many times over, this subject of Singaporean behaviour. I shall leave it to the apathetic, the gagged and the brainwashed to go over what propaganda led them to believe.

Time to hit the books! 😀

4 thoughts on “Back to myself

  1. hahaha…someone’s missing my presence hahaha…
    anyway i prop wont say anything oso but i will
    definitely scowl n laugh over the sentence haha…
    i realise i’m not a tokin kinda guy…i do more action than words…
    all i can say is no one is perfect…n i do admit my pple r very confused n ‘not sure’…alwayz ask my frenz wat they wanna do in life, few can gimme a striaght ans…hai wat 2 do…so i never look at pple in their race or
    nationality liao…i look at them as individuals…
    judging other pple only makez u hate life even more…
    judge only yerself…n judging otherz is God’s business n i believe he will judge fairly…

  2. lol agreed, leave God to judge people, for he has the final say whether there’s a vacancy for you up there.
    But like it or not, judging others or, should I say, your opinions of people and their actions, are subconscious ramifications as you meet people.. It’s just that I chose to articulate my thoughts, while many choose to just let it pass in apathy. Trust me, I’m not being racist here, nor am I being hard on Singaporeans, there are ppl here who I respect a hell lot, just that those form the minority of the population..
    Quote, Humility, worldliness & intellect earn my respect the most, unquote. I just don’t see much of these in Singaporeans.

  3. haha actually it’s only 3, and i think you’re very humble. Worldliness will fall on you as you travel, and what can I say, you’re not Ivy League genius (neither am I) but you’re far from a retard like someone we know. haha. You’re alright, no worries.

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