Day out on Sunday

Sunday is not a good day to work the heartland malls. You barely get breathing space, the people are all shabbily dressed (clothes I’d wear to bed are staple attire for the heartland shopper) which somehow affects the way they behave. I think it’s official. This island is saturated. Despite what they say about the low fertility rates and dwindling resident-population replacement and the need to import foreign migrants over to make up numbers… This island-state is going to crumble under the weight of its people, especially when they’re digging too many tunnels for the new MRT lines…

You can’t even find a seat in the food court without having to constantly avoid the Lady Pushing the Pram in your direction without stopping because she wasn’t looking where she was going (somehow she just assumes the pram which isn’t visible up to my eye level clears the way for her Royal Majesty), or the aunties who are screaming at the top of their lungs at each other over a table (“…I won’t give you my seat!! Who do you think you are?!?” etc), or people of all ages who like to cut across you from nowhere, almost stamping on ur feet, or just the capricious diners who stand take a S-L-O-W stroll along the crowded corridor while deciding where to go for dinner and refuse to budge when you want to get past them. For goodness sake. *slaps forehead*

Anyways, today was great nonetheless. Met up with the Su’s (Suri and Suguna) for brunch at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Takashimaya and had a great time catching up (except for the intruder of the Baby Cockroach who scared the shit out of me). :p
Suri has changed dramatically. She was the shy, soft-spoken girl in secondary school. After years of working and experiencing relationships and dark periods in her life, she’s now this sassy social butterfly who’s got more life lessons to teach than scholars. Life, afterall, isn’t just confined to academia and professions. You can’t take advice from happy people who’s never had a setback on how to deal with the Dark Side.
Suguna on the other hand, has her share of fascinating family tales and her need to establish independence & autonomy over her life to tell. I’m lucky my parents respect my privacy and independence. I guess everyone has their own problems. My life seems so much breezier compared to many I’ve spoken to, but what I am most thankful for is the way I’ve gained independence over the years by not being by my parents’ side. It’s toughened me considerably. Always give thanks to the troubles you get in life because without them, you’re just floating through the formalities of modern expectations without discovering the real you’s inside – the lover, the rebel, the conquerer, the leader, the angel, the bitch, the child, the risk-taker, the meeky self, the friend, the star, the survivor, the brat, the weakling, the evil, and everybody else inside you who’s still dormant until the awakening that comes with life experiences.

3 single girls out on a lazy Sunday. What else can we talk about besides aspirations & family issues? GUYS. lol. Some situations I find myself in become typical and cliched stories as I talk to girlfriends about their history with guys. Does that mean guys are so predictable and generic, that once you know a few of them you basically know the whole species?? ROTFLOL. Tell me if I’m wrong, dude-readers. What other kinds of guys are there out there besides the
Hot-and-not-so-smart-but-humble (5*..Personality saves the day),
Hot-and-smart-and-humble (5*…I wanta marry a guy like that!!!),
Hot-and-not-smart-and-arrogant (1*..Man-airheads!! Only for eye-candy)
Plain-and-very-smart (4*…at least they don’t bore you; geekiness can be charming),
Plain-and-not-so-smart (2*…good luck with the smart girls) and
Hot-and-smart-and-egoistic (0* because they’ll never respect women) ???

lol. I can so feel the daggers flying my way. Come bring it on. Let’s have the gender debate again. muahahaha.

PS: I’m finally sticking to one layout. I’ve decided on this one. hehe. NO more changes until my mood says so ok! lol.


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