Szez’s Man-Babes

Mmmmmm. These men make me melt…  :p


10 thoughts on “Szez’s Man-Babes

  1. Haha I know, I know.. Hold your saliva.. Actually u know what, I think Dominic Purcell (Lincoln) looks even more dishy than Wentworth Miller in season 2! I find his unshaven look when he was wearing this suit very sexy… hehe… Yay for gruff-looking baldies! They make me melt.. lol.

  2. Totally agreed! I was telling my friend the other day that Lincoln looks as sexy but she didn’t agree! Though there are rumours tt Wentworth is a gay 😦

  3. Haha oh well so what if he’s gay, there are tons of other hot heterosexual studs out there in Hollywood. And the rest of the world. Muahaha. Look further, the world’s our market. 😉

  4. lol Babe, that’s Josh lucas and I don’t think he qualifies as a ‘young lad’ any longer! He’s the oldest in the list here yenno.
    Anyways, i sure hope man-babes are filling every corner on the streets in KL. Cuz I’m gg there tmr morning! Yayy. :p

  5. Ah, I see. Compared to a 60 yr old Indain granny like myself, he is young and quite yummy too. Hope there were many man candies to be seen in KL!

  6. haha, now you just made me feel like I’m 89..
    KL has LOTS of caucasian tourists but most of them aren’t really hot…of course there are a few rare my-types. But. Lots of Arabs there too but they all hv their lovely wives with them, and no, they’re not that hot either.
    By contrast, the ladies there are MUCH hotter.
    Hands down, the fairer sex wins. lol.

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