Potter magic

I caught Ms Potter today out of total impulse. And I don’t regret it at all. Not only was the movie great, I shared popcorn with this really nice lady from Sarawak who’s married to a Dutch guy and comes to Singapore once in a while for the entertainment.
It’s funny cuz we were having a casual conversation while in the line for popcorn (actually there was no line, it’s 1pm on a wednesday, albeit a Valentine’s Day) and I didnt know she bought seats for the same movie as me, (and her seat was right beside mine) until she plonked down with a large popcorn and Sprite. haha.

Anyway Renee Zellweger, like Reese Witherspoon, are 2 of the most outstanding actresses who I admire. The thing I love about them is that they can change their accents so easily from an edgy American to a crisp, classy British accent depending on the characters they play without sounding like they’re trying too hard to sound either way. Ewan McGregor worked really well with Renee this time, maybe the casting was inspired from Down with Love, another movie I absolutely loved.

Dinner with my sis was curried eggplant crepes at Out of the Pan in the basement of Raffles City shopping centre. It was pretty gd, but I think I still prefer my Peking duck crepe, which has this really nice plum sauce. hehe.

I shall be heading back to my ‘motherland’ on friday. Can’t wait to go KL!! It’s been years since my family took a holiday. I think my parents deserve a break… They’ve been working their ass off for… I’ve totally lost count of how long… The only thing is, I’ve got an exam right on the saturday during the CNY week! Cheese and Whiskers..!! (if anyone remembers Rat in a Hat from Bananas in Pajamas…lol)  


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