A face too common

It’s been a rather relaxing and sinful Chinese New Year for me… Went for lots and lots of good food and no work out at all (save for the long walk up the stairs leading to the Planetarium in KL only to realise it’s closed) and then came back to JB only to binge somemore. How can anyone resist festive goodies?? And to top it off, I ate KFC today!! Horror of horrors… I’ve abstained from fried chicken for almost 3 years because it’s so unhealthy, being bad for blood type B… It was good, but not as fantastic as the euphoria of let’s say, a smoker’s first puff after successfully steering clear of ciggies for 3 months.

Anyways, yesterday as soon as I came back to JB this huge group of relatives (descendants of my Grandaunt) came over and once again, I’m reminded of my common face… They say I look very much like this other distant cousin of mine and apparently the resemblance is striking; so much so that they almost mistook me for her. Hello?? She arrived not long after and she looks NOTHING like me.

Explains how people seem to think they know someone who looks like me or mistake me for somebody else.. It happens almost everywhere I go… I was mistaken for (or identified as the Girl who looks familiar to) 
my sister’s colleague’s friend, “that Nanyang girl friend”, “the customer who came by last Tuesday to Banana Republic (in Vancouver?!?)”, “a friend who talks and behaves EXACTLY like me”, “somebody’s friend Ivy”, “somebody’s close friend from ____”, etc etc. It’s horrid & truly annoying.

To think I was told that I had this “sophisticated look” before. Bah. What nonsense. I need to shave my head bald soon to stop this madness. Muahaha.

6 thoughts on “A face too common

  1. CHIKKIN!~ ^^

    heh dont worry about the common face thing hun~ it probably just means you look like some one they are familiar and will be comfortable with~! 🙂

    it sure beats the “HEY SHE’S A JAPANESE” in korean i get from random strangers and friends of friends hahaha~~

  2. haha don’t lie, you obviously delight in being mistaken for a Jap. lol. ppl are probably going “kawaii!!” when they see you on the streets. haha. good to have Irish blood huh. 😉

  3. Lol…. Now that Britney just did that abt a week ago, I don’t wanta be in her following… It’s a disgrace to let ppl think I’m into her. I mean, ewww.

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