I can’t wait to catch the Oscars next monday (thank you Channel 5!) although because of school I gotta catch the second telecast at 10pm.. 😦
I think I know what’s gotten me so much into the Oscars this year… I think it’s because Ellen DeGeneres is hosting (Go Ellen! Next year they should get Craig Ferguson!!). I liked her monologues which I downloaded and watched on YouTube, I love her talk shows, & personally I think she deserves the honour of hosting the Academy Awards after being a reputable host for other programs for more than 15 years. Just go read her profile at Oscars.com!

I hope Babel doesn’t get too many awards. It’s such a depressing movie. Just because it tells us what we already know about the ugliness of this world we live in, doesn’t mean it’s a great movie. I think we need more happy movies like Little Miss Sunshine!! 😀

Notes on a Scandal and The Queen look like movies I should catch. Anybody wanta go watch with me??


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