Sakae Sucks!

Oooh I lurve this new theme.. it’s called “Misty Look”… It’s purrfect!!! Meow!!

On the other hand…

I just went to Sakae Sushi… Bad bad imitation of Japanese hospitality. They can’t even say welcome in Japanese properly, they don’t bow, they don’t face you when they say it, they’re disgrunted Singaporean youngsters earning extra pay after school. And the food ain’t that great, it’s just cheap. The green tea served comes in teabags and an empty cup, which you fill with “hot” water from a tap on the side of the table. And the water isn’t even hot enough, it’s lukewarm! The waiter who brings my order flashes a split second view of his teeth and mutters “enjoy ur meal”, the forced smile disappears so fast by the time he turns 20 degrees away his face is back to it’s original “can’t wait to go home” expression. Yet, it’s swarming with people. I don’t get it. Somebody educate me, please.  


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