…because I say so

It’s raining again, puts me in the writing mood. I didnt realise it’s already March. I’m running out of studying time for my exams!! Yea they don’t start till mid-May but I got so much to cover, and judging by the amount of time I spend on it on average, I don’t know if I can fully prepare myself. I’m trying. It’s hard when you have so many great movies waiting for you to watch. Not to mention Prison Break sitting there beckoning you over. Mmmm. Eye candy.

Anyways. just watched Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, a Guy Ritchie film in which everyone talks with the cockney slang. I love it. Everybody above 18 should watch it. 🙂 I’d think it’s more of a made-by-men-for-men kind of film, which is pretty good because it has the no-frills guy-quality to it. I don’t know if anyone understands what I’m trying to say, haha.

Talking about guy-quality, I think guys make great friends. I’m not criticising my own gender but maybe it’s because I am not one of those girly girls…? It helps when I can talk openly without reservation with my guy friends because I don’t hold back my opinions much. And that’s dangerous because, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.. lol. 
Women are sensitive creatures, but I’m not as sensitive as most of them, let’s put it that way. It’s liberation when you don’t have to add euphemism with everything you say just in case you offend somebody unwittingly, or what you say gets spread around the gossip circle and it gets more colourful day by day. Once upon a time everyone from my high school thought I was married, which I’m clearly not. And yes, many of them speculated it must be a shot-gun marriage. Oh well. lol.

My family has decided I’m impulsive, blunt and I’ll definitely offend somebody outside the household one day if I don’t hold back my need to be heard. My ex said I’m not submissive enough. I’ve had a huge row with my school principal which almost got me expelled. All these should be warning signs that I’ve gone out of line, is that it? Maybe that’s why I’m never the perfect girlfriend, and that’s why I always am the one getting pissed and actually doing something about it.

But you know, at least I’m not one of those girls who try so hard to look pretty so they can go for men with money. At least I’m not one of them who lead men on for the attention and flattery and then dump them when the men want something more (like commitment), withstand relationships with super chauvinists, or those who undermine their individuality to keep their men. I don’t succumb that easily, I’m afraid.

And finally I don’t understand why diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Respect is a much better thing to have. Of course like in any other situation, respect has to be earned. Diamonds are easier to give, I guess.  


5 thoughts on “…because I say so

  1. Haha. You remind me of this Good Charlotte Song, The Anthem. Anyway, diamonds are good. It’s a credible promise. A commitment device. Works for the economists. 😉

  2. prison break~! wentworth miller is so hawt~! married??? lol you mean people from jjc thought so?
    that’s mega cute =P

    i guess there’re pros and cons with being friends with either sexes. it’s a fine line pissing off a close gal pal and being frank. however, it’s also a gray region with a close guy friend. unreciprocrated romantic feelings can wreck friendships too… it’s tough avoiding to tip that balance where friends remain friends…

    oh yeh hows the nepal trip coming along? =)

  3. Capitalist Infidel: What credible promise? Diamonds can be traded, sold, disposed, lost etc although they are expensive. No, they’re getting cheaper, actually. Anyway, expensive things come in many forms and broken promises top the list, trust me.

    Ceci: Yes JJC peeps thought I already am legally someone’s wife. I don’t blame them, when I am in love, I tend to give people the impression that I’m about to walk down the aisle and start bearing children. Nah I’m just joking on the children part. lol.
    Oh, I totally agree with you on the the risk of unreciprocated affection ruining friendships.. It’s not easy to maintain platonic friendships without tripping over to the contemplation of exploring possibilities. I try to be blunt about things because guys tend to fall in love when you’re too nice to them. haha.
    Nepal trip’s been checked out, still looking for peeps to join us. Interested parties may still apply! 🙂

  4. LOL. Anyway, the credible promise is based on the idea that the guy won’t part with a big part of his paycheck unless you are important to him. ANYWAY, its funny I never thought of romantic progressions with my closer female friends. Guess I’m more of the blitz type. No patience for little games of chess with you guys.

  5. I guess money has never impressed me as much as a guy willing to put a bit of his ego down for me.. lol..
    There are girls, many in fact, who judge how much a guy loves her by virtue of how much is spent on her, which goes along with your credible promise statement..
    But money is too fleeting for me to judge somebody. And that I don’t attach much emotion to things.. they’re just stuff, yenno. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for me to be happy in a relationship.
    Yes, blitzy boy. That’s great for you too cuz mind games aren’t for everybody. lol.

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