Stress myself to betterment!

Meeting up with the Capitalist Infidel today was nice, although just for a little while. Within the half an hour that he was late, I managed to walk through the entire Raffles City Shopping Centre to help look for a possible birthday gift for the Capitalist Infidel’s girlfriend, just to pass time while waiting for him. I hope I pass as the approved female friend of Capitalist Infidel. lol.  

Talking with the Capitalist Infidel also made me feel like a total bum. On his less productive days, he spends 7 hours ‘mugging’ (term used here for cramming for exams) for his upcoming exams in April. Apparently his girlfriend works equally hard for her exams too. They’re both from NTU. I get this ambivalent feeling whenever I hear my friends in the local universities lament about the hours they spend on sch-related stuff. Projects, exams, hall activities, presentations, ‘mugging’, smoking (in every sense of the word) etc… On one hand, I’m glad I’m not subjected to that kind of stress level, but on the other, stress makes people work harder. And maybe I need some of that kind of stress myself.. Deadlines give me a rush, and force me to plan my work. I’m not very attuned to routines. But right now, I think a little bit of that won’t hurt. I’m left with less than 3 months to my UOL exams – the final hurdle to getting my degree this August. I think I should start hanging around stressed up people… lol.

2 thoughts on “Stress myself to betterment!

  1. Thanks for telling everyone I was late. I had a good reason k. And btw I mug less than her. i’m a relative slacker.

  2. haha ok, I forgot to mention your reason for being late was so that you could stay out longer.. happy now? lol. If you’re a relative slacker, I’m a relative good-for-nothing. :p

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