My brain needs a break.

Ok this is totally random. I just felt a compulsion to write this while I was adding random thoughts to my msn message.

I’ve been trying to do a law essay.

– Smart people are hot. Geeks therefore don’t have to despair. (referring to myself)

– Breaky is my favourite meal of the day. Especially toasty wholemeal bread with egg (with the yolk still gooey), melting cheddar cheese, lettuce, salami, and pepper. Mmmmm.

– I rediscovered my love for Truth Calvin Klein fragrance. I’m gonna use that for this whole week. Hehehe.

– I sometimes wish I have photographic memory (so does every student I think) especially now.

– Sometimes I think I’m a real bitch. But it’s absolutely necessary. Gotta fringe on the Dark Side to know how to avoid being sucked into it (aka being a full-time biatch).

– My digestive system ain’t working very well these days. More fibre shall be going to my diet this week.

– Effectively, I’m the Truth-CK smelling occasional bitch who needs to eat more veg.  


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